Monday, July 27, 2015

DIY Demb Diffuser

Now to change things up a bit, instead of writing something about my own feelings, i am writing down a DIY post, hopefully reaching people out there who are interested to make their own version of Demb Diffuser.

I own a camera and i shoot pictures, i don't really declare myself as photographer because it was overly used. The first time i saw Demb Diffuser is when i helped my friend for videography during his wedding, the hired professional photographers are using one. Since then i went on internet search and found out it was quite expensive for just some bouncing piece and a diffuser??

I don't really like DIY photography equipment actually because most of the time they are hardly presentable (not happy to the eye, LOL) But i wanted to try out the effect, so i made a very rough one (as below) and test it out, results are not bad!

So here's how you can make one in under RM15!

Basically here's what i used, a transparent plastic to hold A6  (Daiso RM5.30) , velcro and flexible strap (RM5.30 x 2), the most important bit, the price tag holder (RM1.90) and a magazine plastic from Institution of Engineers. I have another sort of rubber band thingy, where i have it during run events. (not shown in pic)

( The velcro and flexible strap are good if you have good stitching skills, eventually i replaced them with velcro strap cable ties, not stretchy tho )

Just dissemble the clip so you have a good  surface to wrap on or hold on. 

Wrap the clip with band or strap so it hold in place, clip the plastic holder with white paper in it, lastly cut a shape for diffuse material ( the  magazine cover ), all are pretty self explanatory. 

Below is the picture for comparison canon 600d, iso1600, 1/80, f /5, External flash bronic S38:

1. Shot with built in flash, direct flash, notice the harsh shadow 
2. Shot with external flash, pointed direct, lowest power, quite dark.

 3. Shot with external flash, plus flash diffuser cap, pointed direct, flash power + 1, notice the surrounding is more lit and slightly soft shadow.
 4. Shot with external flash, plus flash diffuser cap, pointed upwards, flash power +2, light is more even, shadow casted more soft, might be due to bounces from surrounding walls.
 5. Shot with external flash, with the flip card only, flash power +3. Notice the shadow from the grill.
 6. Shot with DIY demb diffuser, grill between two layers blurred out but notice slight decrease of brightness compare to 5.

DIY Demb is for sure better than 1-3, but even a cap diffuser pointed upwards can produce soft light that casts soft shadow, it might can produce better effect if power is increased. The DIY demb will be useful when there is no ceiling to bounce on, but this version wasted too much power, i even tried to turn my flash 180 degree still the lighting is still enough. The flip card maybe more effective if use a transparent material.

Conclusion: DIY Demb is better compared to not using any diffuser, more control of light directional and diffused light, but downside is waste more power (i believe this can be improved by using a reflective material instead of white bounce card!)

And here is my final "presentable" version, which i think is far visually acceptable than the draft version. The diffuser is some kinda flexible white plastic sheet, with velcro straps and cable straps to hold the bounce card in position.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A sudden realization of Career

I've been on the working force for around a year now, from part time waiter to engineer. And only recently i started to realize my concern of my own future career. Friends and colleague around me keep reminding me of huge sum of money they earn, how i wasn't shortlisted for a yest list for not having a clear goal in life,and for those who yet to earn, they at least have a mission in life.

As for me, I am still like, well..ermm, go with the flow i guess. Best example would be my decision on UTAR. Well, it's not really like decision at all. I went in because my friend say it is very nice and cheap.

And now, joining the work force, i had learnt that everything from now on it's my own decision. Initially i planned to start a good career in KL, but after the accident, i had to go back to my hometown and find work there. And finding job there is not easy, more dependable source will be newspaper rather than online job hunt. The offer is so low, and none of the company i am interested on.

Eventually i found one from newspaper and joined the company. After few months working there, i've urged myself that i really should leave my comfort zone for something better. Given that i did not achieve any work satisfaction at all and i believe I will get better exposure in west Msia. I left everything behind and went back to KL for work.

Initially everything was good, colleagues are nice, working environment is good. But almost a year working here now, seeing how the company system were, potential employees start leaving, and a recent chat with upcoming ex-colleague for a better career, which makes me start to realize i should shape up my career now on-wards.

Already lost a girl which i really like, and now i don't really have much reason why i shouldn't once again leave my comfort zone to go and explore more for a better career.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I can't believe it's over.

If i ever knew,

That the time is slipping past.

I thought i had another moment to spare,

I thought i was being wise taking it slow,

I thought i'd done what it should be don,.

I thought i had another chance.


It was all wrong, ever since the beginning.
No more.

Now I am lost.

"You have to be lost to find out what you're looking for."


There's nothing to lose. Or is it?

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Disney's Frozen was released back at 22 November 2013, i only get to know at watch it at mid Jan 2014.. if not for my visit to Genting's Snow world + 9gag post on how realistic frozen's snow, i guess i missed this epic movie.

Initially i believe i heard of the title but ignore it like all other recent animation movies ( wreck it ralph, the incredibles ) only then i know it was the same studio who created Tangled aka Rapunzel, which was a very great movie for it's effects and song (specially the hair effect ) 

Thought it was a long ago movie and downloaded it online. First thought is that it's bit too much singing but eventually the music and the presentation was impact-ful, it made me emotionally sad watching the scene where the king and queen's ship was wrecked. The snows effect is believable and the song is very powerful specially "let it go" scene. The story is a bit missing here and there but easily understandable, characters are lovely and pretty, It's nice of Disney animators to be slightly influenced by Anime (Character with not-standard body proportion, big eyes, small waist). The character's rendering and animation was so real it looks like a moving doll, specially the hair and clothing. Ice lighting effects were magnificent. Upon finishing, i regret why i did not watch it at the movies..specially with babe lol

Well, kinda a crazy thing i did, the week after i went to the Movies to watch as i believe the visual and audio is meant to be only experience when watching the movie, and it did. Normally ppl will watch at the movies several times or download after watching the movie to re-watch. Only i did the opposite, but it was well worth it, now i only wished that i knew it earlier and watch it at 3D, just like how i watched Rapunzel.

Although it had been 2 months since it's release, the hall is almost 85% full, this really shows that the epicness of the film! 

it's been a while since i did fan art, here's a fan art which i just simply draft from reference picture.. 3D animated models are quite hard to put onto paper @@

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photography part 4 : Entering the world of photography

Few of my friends i know who can draw pretty well eventually enter the world of photography, finally myself too. I guess it's pretty much because composing a picture by photography is way much easier than drawing.. hmm

After years of pushing my camera to limit, finally there is one day i was so inspired to get one after realizing that the amount of money will worth the investment, and was so obsessed with online camera reviews. With rounds of reviews and hands on to finally came up with a decision, i chose the canon 600d over 550d, 1000d, d3200 and d3100. Since i've used Canon all the while, i am sticking with canon =)
Canon 600d for RM 1.8k (July 2013)

I choose it because it is the cheapest DSLR with a tilty-flippy-screen, as described by Kai from DigitalRev, best for recording function ( which i believe i will do a lot recordings ) Canon 1000d and 550d is cheaper but 1000d is plastic-ky while 550d is a bit older. This DSLR came with 18-55mm IS2 lens, suprisingly it does creates bokeh effect easily compared to my previous cam, but something is still missing... yes the bokeh i always wanted!

Just within a week, after few research, found out canon has the cheapest 50mm lens, and got the 50mm f1.8 lens at the same shop, but diff branch for RM290. Thus, my DSLR is ready =D
A 50mm f1.8 attached in front

High speed action without boosting ISO to the max, only possible with f1.8 50mm 

Portrait Bokeh, but need to stand quite far
The key is timing! could be better if from another angle, and picture itself is enough to tell a story

As for now, i am still learning photography and hope to produce more memorable shots for time to come. As for me, my photography aim is still the same since the first time i enter, to capture all the moments in shots that could tell a better story and far more better than what they can remember, which is, the power of photos. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Life gives you lemons, other people just take it..

It was yet another day of work, chat with colleagues before a good bye, and head home for a rest. Upon stepping out of the office, hey, something wasn't right. It just a piece of empty land, funny, my heart suddenly felt emptiness too. Something is definitely missing.. oh. My ride home.

It was previously my father's car a decade ago, passed to my mom, and was left around the garage after both of them have their new cars. Since i decided to work in KL, shipping the car over here will be much cost saving and put old junk to good use. Gave the car a new coat of paint at spoiler, a new body part, some tune ups, servicing and new tint before it was shipped to KL.

Fresh out of the Container..
Sabah Car on KL road babe!

Touched down on KL and was so cool, looking at a Sabah car on KL land, its like really something others don't have! It brought me all the way from port klang to KL, four friends to Bentong up and over hills, countless trip to Setapak from Subang, new discoveries at Cheras, Ampang, friends around PJ and recently all the way to Kuala Selangor,.. it never let me down at all. It like my most trusted traveling partner. Just recently it started to have difficult in starting and brought if for servicing with a better than average package. Well, sadly, it ended there..

I had friend who lost his car and breakdown in front of me, thus i know how the cycle went. There is nothing you can do but to report police. I already foresee my car will be a target thus purchased a few high tech locks.. just that i didn't use it that morning. Telling myself there's no point to lose my self here, i just go back to my office and seek for help. My colleague drove me to do a report to the police at ss15 but it was supposedly made under Sunway. Luckily Ben is around later that night and brought me to Sunway. Jack was there too. Felt so bad that this is the 2nd time i find him for some bad news, of me. They are quite surprise why i don't seem to be so sad at first. Well, that was just the beginning.

I was quite calm at first, knowing that no point of being sad on what was loss. But no, eventually that's not easy.. thought i can just sleep it over to make things better. I hardly slept at all.. specially thought of how many things i did for the car.. 

Back at KK before leaving, changed its fender, caburator tuned up, painted few parts, changed rear tyres, balancing, have a full windows tint, changed a new receiver set with new speakers, went through all the trouble for name change and shipping. The car was equipped for all purpose needs, set of tools, spark plugs, brake fluid, extra bulbs, jumper cable, flash light, custom pedals, additional fog lamps, recently a set of first aid kit, 2 T-rex branded car lock.. and even my online ordered Om-Nom plushy is sitting there..that day was supposed to be runnin with colleagues, my full set of running attire, NB running shoes which brought me over 100km or distance, Adidas pants as bday present from my Buddies, a very nice Rexona Men's Challenge Vest and Smartphone arm band .. woosh. Not even a bit left. The more i list down what has been lost, the heavier my heart felt. There was times my tears rolled a little when thought about this...

Just a year ago i was hit by misfortune, dropped from bike and was hospitalized. Thought came to KL and everything is becoming better, thought that i can finally find life.. sadly, reality hits you hard on the face. Even my mom once again encumbered my already heavy heart, blaming it's all my fault for not fully lock the vehicle, "ji kei zhap sang" and better off go home for losing the car. Just words alone drags me down. I can't really she's wrong by saying like this, just that i believe people needed support in this moments, what's the point of dragging them down under?

Once again, fell back into the depth of misfortune.. I always acted to be positive and optimistic about things going around, supporting people along the way, hope to inspire and motivate people while bringing my self up. The truth is i am just being too pessimistic. When life gives you lemons, other people just took it away from you.

I really don't know what to expect anymore.

* Update 23-10-2013*
My mom received a letter from the police stating that my car was involved in accident. I really thought my car was found involved in an accident and was now at police custody due to unclear messages. Upon reporting to the police station, i was notified that my car was involved in a hit and run at Bandar Putri, klang , and the plate number was directed back to me.. i just went there to acknowledge that this accident have nothing to do with me since i reported it as lost last month.

Seems like the unfortunate events doesn't end yet, everytime they involved in something, i gotta report.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Photography part 3 : Lighting the way

Having stuck with the CANON SX 130 IS, i decided that the only way to make use of it is to add additional flash! With such desperate mind and very impressed with friend's bounced flash, and saw few deals at Ebay, got myself the first cheapo flash...

Like a camera with a buddy!
A lot people wondered how does it connect to my camera? well, it doesn't, the flash have a very sensitive light sensor which activates when detect a bright flash, and yes any flash including flash from camera you don't know, or even lighting, have to be careful with that.

First impressions are great, superb bright flash, totally illuminate the dark places where my camera can't reach, but well.. there is some limit with that, direct shot, not be able to diffuse or bounce (self made diffuser is total rubbish ) the flash is too direct. There's is no option to adjust flash power output, thus the only way to compensate is to manual adjust the camera

Very bright, works better compared to just internal flash.

As you can see, although everyone is well lit, something doesn't seem to be right here, the unnatural lighing

Thus bounce is required, in which flash is bounced to a wall and reflect back to the object, creating a "artificial light" . Being so desperate and saw another cheap Bounce, swivel and zoom flash, i bought it just a few days after the previous flash (the item not even arrive yet), although the reviews and my friend advice me not to get it.. well, desperate measures plus cheap. 

Looks like a parasite and started to look ugly, some kinda growth @@

First impression are wow! it can zoom, good for wide lens or tele photo (since u can focus the flash) which no ordinary flash have this feature..well, because that feature is totaly useless. The dials behind are just a way to measure f-stop and not to adjust flash power..  not worth to mention at all. Sometimes it does not detect the flash at all, anyway i try to configure it, it just cannot beat a normal flash. It gave up after some time, not even made if for a proper indoor testing.

And finally, after friends advice and testing, i get a similar flash from Jackie for around RM250, and it works like totally what i expected, way better than the 2 previous flash with way more flexibility. WIth a built in diffuser and external diffuser, that's all i need. But due to a standard flash, the size is big and looks very ugly when mounted. I once bring it mounted for a shot and caught few cameramen attention. But i guess it wasn't a good one thus from that moment onward i use one hand for the flash, one hand for the camera. Flexibility ++

As you can see.. the flash itself is bigger than the camera, it won't look good ><
Using it as external flash, no problems at all!

Everything is well lit, but somehow there's the limit for the clarity. the camera is not made to optimize with external flashes.